How to Write an About Us for a Website

By Claire Bush

First impressions really do matter. Visitors to your website who want to learn more about you and the services or products you provide can be positively influenced by a well written, sincere biographical page. Just as easily, however, potential clients and peers can be turned off by an “About Us” page that’s poorly written.

Step 1

Start with a brief recap of where and how you began. Did your business start out in your garage and expand from there? Were you always fascinated by electronics and couldn’t wait to create a gadget of your own? Were you a pint-size chef before you could even reach the counter?

Step 2

Tell how your years of experience and your skills have combined to bring you to the point where you are today. Mention staff members or key employees by name but keep it brief. You can add approximate revenue figures if you like.

Step 3

Keep the tone light and factual. Don’t include poetry, “words of wisdom” or other personal reflections on this page. A few well chosen pictures are appropriate, but choose those that accentuate a point you’re making.

Step 4

Focus on the product or service provided. Omit addiction history, marriage or family turmoil, or other dramatic references. If these facts seem appropriate to share with a client or visitor to the site, you can do so at another time.

Step 5

Finish by thanking the visitor for coming to the site and include information on how best to reach you.