How to Write Comments in PDF

By M.A. Helt

Adobe Acrobat files are often used when several people need to review and comment on documents electronically. Using Acrobat's built-in editing and commenting tools easily solves this communication challenge. Users can add comments, which will be tagged with their user name, and then pass on to the next team member to review and add additional comments.

Step 1

Open the PDF file on which you wish to comment using Adobe Acrobat. You can add comments to a PDF using Acrobat Reader only if the document creator enabled commenting when the PDF was created.

Step 2

Access the "Comment and Markup" toolbar by selecting it in the "Toolbars" section of the "View" menu.

Step 3

Click the "Sticky Note" button on the "Comment and Markup" toolbar.

Step 4

Click your mouse on the document and drag to draw a comment box. When you let go of the mouse, you will have one yellow-outlined box to type your comments and a yellow speech bubble shape to direct readers to a specific spot.

Step 5

Drag the comment box to a convenient location in the document. Then drag the yellow speech bubble to the area on which you are commenting. For example, if you are making a comment about an incorrect phone number, place the speech bubble directly on top of the phone number.

Step 6

Click in the yellow comment box and type your comment.

Step 7

If you wish to set a comment status, click the "Options" arrow in the right-hand corner of the comment box and select the status you wish to apply from the fly-out menu.

Step 8

Save the document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Documents with many comments can quickly become confusing. It is helpful to include some context in the comment box so the reader knows to what you are referring. For example, if a phone number is incorrect, you may wish to say, "Replace incorrect phone number for John Smith with 123-456-7890." That way, if the document contains many phone numbers, your edit will be clear.
  • If a PDF file was locked or otherwise encoded when created, you will be unable to add any comments to the document.