How to Write SQL Statements in Microsoft Access

By Sharon Harp

Access is Microsoft's small-scale database software program. While it is not comparable to mySQL or MSSQL in terms of complexity and scaling abilities, it does allow you to run traditional SQL statements inside the software. This feature makes it easier for database administrators or others who may have more experience with a SQL database environment to interface with Access.

Step 1

Open Access, then open the database that you want to query.

Step 2

Click on "Objects" and "Queries."

Step 3

Select "Create Query," then click "SQL View."

Step 4

Type in the SQL statement you wish to execute, then click "Run" to execute the statement on the database.

Tips & Warnings

  • Access places a SELECT statement followed by a semicolon in the SQL view window before you type any SQL code.
  • Adding a semicolon at the end of your SQL code is optional in Access.