I Can't Connect to Wireless Internet in Comcast

By Missy J. Talbot

Comcast is a cable company that provides cable access as well as Internet access, all across the country. When you have Comcast Internet, you most likely have a cable Internet connection. You might have a DSL connection, in some markets. If your connection is wireless, it means you have either a wireless modem or a wireless router. If you can't connect to the wireless Internet through Comcast, there are a few ways to troubleshoot the problems.

Step 1

Check the wireless switch on your computer to make sure it is on. If it is not on, it cannot find the signal. Then, disconnect from the signal if you are connected, and click "repair" on your signal box if you cannot connect. See if your computer can repair the connection

Step 2

Right-click on your Internet connection and choose "disable." Then choose "enable." This resets your internal Internet connection.

Step 3

Restart both your modem and your router. Do a hard restart. Pull the plug out of the wall or disconnect the power source from the modem and router, count to ten, and plug it back in. Once it all reboots, try to get on the wireless Internet. If it does not work, try unplugging everything and waiting for more than twenty minutes.

Step 4

Restart your computer if you still cannot get a connection. Often, your connection has timed out, or some glitch in your computer refuses to find the signal. If you restart your computer, it might find the connection.

Step 5

Try the Internet connection on another computer or a handheld device. If that computer gets the signal, there is a problem with your computer, so take it to a computer specialist. If you cannot get a signal on the other device, it is a problem with the connection. Call your local Comcast company to inquire about outages in your area. If there are none, tell them you have a problem and they will help determine what it is.