Ideas for Internet Dating User Names & Screen Names

The Internet has opened a new world for social life, whether you are looking for a date or a new friend. To begin this adventure into cyber social space, you need to create an alias. Like your appearance in real life, your screen name makes your first impression. You want it to be positive, but picking an alias isn't always as easy as it sounds.

What is it for?

Think about the Internet setting. People use different screen names for different social environments. The screen name you choose for a work-related site may not be suitable for a social chat room.

Interests and Hobbies

Think about screen names appropriate to the venue and words that reflect your particular interests. For recreational venues, if you like to dance, your screen name might be FoxTrotBob. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, your alias might be ChopperSue. Along with hobbies and interests, consider your favorites--be it color, style of music or food. Any of these things can be combined into a screen name that will identify you.

Name Generators

If you're still stuck coming up with a screen name, try an online name generator like the one at By plugging in a few keywords, the generator will create screen names for you to consider. Don't be discouraged if you pick one and end up not liking it. Chances are, it won't be the only one you'll have.