Instructions for an Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote

Universal remotes like the one made by Emerson are useful to media users around the world. These remotes allow you to eliminate a cluster of remotes on your entertainment center by programming one remote for use with all of your electronic devices. The Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote can control all your components and has the added advantage of being extra large. It is equipped for use by those with bad eyesight, unsteady hands or thick fingers.


Pre-Programming the Remote

To program your Emerson Jumbo Universal Remote, you must first manually turn on whatever device(s) you intend to program to your remote. These devices can include stereos, televisions, VCRs, DVD players and other things, and must be turned on from the system. Once you turn on your device, press the button on your Emerson remote that corresponds with the device that you would like to program. The button will be marked "TV," "Video," "Stereo," and so on. Press this button while pointing at the device to begin programming.

Programming Sequence

Point your remote at your device and press the button for the codes associated with your device on your remote (see link in References). The code will be a two-digit number. Press the two-digit code while holding onto the button for your component; press a second two-digit code while still holding onto the button. This will program the brand of your device into your remote and will allow you to use your remote with that device.

Completing the Process

Once you have finished, enter the four digits for the two different codes, release your hold on the device button on your remote and press the button once again. Now, to complete the programming, press the "On/Off" button on your remote and your device should respond by turning off. If the device responds, the programming will have been successful and you can use your remote as you desire. If the device fails to respond, try two different codes in the process if available. If not, attempt to program again with the same codes.