Instructions on How to Refill an Ink Cartridge on a Canon Pixma

By Pamela Gardapee

The Canon Office all-in-one Pixma printers use PG 210 and the CL 211 ink cartridges. Other Canon Pixma models use MX340, MX330 and MX320 cartridges. Refilling the ink cartridges yourself can save money. Each refill kit can be used for up to 10 full refills. The refilling process will take you about 15 minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Black refill kit
  • Color refill kit
  • Damp rag
  • Newspaper

Step 1

Remove the supplies from the refill kit. The black ink cartridge refill kit will have one bottle of black ink, one thumb drill and one syringe. The color ink refill kit will have one bottle each of cyan, magenta and yellow ink, three syringes (one for each color) and one thumb drill.

Step 2

Place the cartridge on a piece of newspaper. Remove the label from the top of the printer cartridge. The black cartridge fill hole is in the center of the cartridge. The color cartridge will have a fill hole at the top center for the magenta, the bottom left for the cyan and the bottom right for the yellow.

Step 3

Place the tip of the thumb drill on the hole and twist back and forth to make the fill hole a little large so the syringe needle fits into the hole.

Step 4

Fill each syringe with a color. The color ink cartridge uses five milliliters for each color and the black uses 15 milliliters of ink. Insert the needle into the bottle of ink and pull upwards on the piston. Draw out enough ink then stop.

Step 5

Insert the needle into the correct fill hole and slowly push down on the piston to inject the ink into the cartridge. For the color cartridge, cover the two fill holes that you are not filling with your finger or a piece of tape so no colors are mixed if you have excess ink on top of the cartridge. If the ink starts to ooze out, stop and wipe it up with a damp rag. Some cartridges will not take the full amount of ink if the cartridge was not entirely empty.

Step 6

Place the filled cartridge back in the carriage inside the printer. Run two to four test pages to cycle the ink cartridge before running any printer tasks.

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