Instructions on How to Use a Flash Drive

By Michael Davidson

Computers have gotten increasingly portable as they have become more advanced. The same is true for their accessories, and the prime example is the flash drive. People need more memory capacity for their computers than ever before, and backups become imperative in the event of a system crash. Flash drives address both of these needs by providing a large capacity storage unit in the size of a keychain. Using flash drives is very easy and convenient.


Flash drives are largely used as backup devices to store extra copies of files in case your primary computer stops working. They are also useful for transporting files used on multiple computers. If you want to bring files from your work computer so you can finish them at home, a flash drive saves you the trouble of having to bring the work computer home with you or emailing the files to yourself. Also, if you want to take photos from your home computer to a store to have them printed, a flash drive is the easiest way to do it.

Backup Data

Flash drives are ideal for backing up files and data from your PC or laptop. Just insert the flash drive into the USB port of your computer. The computer will normally detect it and bring up a window giving you options about what you want to do. If it doesn't, just use the "My Computer" option from the Start menu to bring up the icon for the flash drive. Once you click on it, you can open a window that shows everything the flash drive currently has on it. From there, you can copy files back and forth between the hard drive and flash drive or even just click on the icons of files and drag them to the flash drive window in order to copy them.


Never remove the flash drive when it is in the process of transferring data. It can corrupt your files and damage your drive. Once all the processes involving the drive are finished, go to the flash drive logo and right click to bring up a menu and the option to disconnect. Use that feature and the computer will make sure the flash drive is turned off and safe for removal. It will tell you when it is safe to remove the drive from the USB port.