Internet Explorer Has Blocked a Website From Displaying Contents With Certificate Errors

Internet Explorer displays an error message when attempting to visit a website without a valid security certificate. Visiting a website without a valid security certificate exposes users to potentially malicious websites and to releasing unintended information. Microsoft does not recommend ignoring error messages and viewing websites with certificate errors.

Security certificates protect users from viewing potentially harmful websites.

Security Certificates

Security certificates are used to authenticate websites and provide confidence to users. A website with an up-to-date, valid security certificate gives visitors security in communicating information. Users become vulnerable when visiting a website without a valid security certificate because the authenticity of the website has not been verified. Microsoft suggests that users heed security certificate error warnings because of the potential risks of visiting unsecured sites.

Expired Certificates

Sometimes security certificate errors pop up because they have expired. It is not safe to proceed to view a website with an expired security certificate because the certification authority is not verifying the integrity of the certificate any longer. Microsoft warns that expired certificates could have been stolen or are being used by malicious websites.


To troubleshoot the error, make sure the website address, or URL, is typed correctly in the address bar. Update to the latest version of Internet Explorer to have the latest security information.

Ignoring the Error

While it is not recommended to do so, Internet Explorer allows users the option to click and close the error message and proceed to view the website. The error message will not be displayed for the remainder of the Internet session, but it will be displayed the next time Internet Explorer has been restarted.