Internet Explorer & Redirect Problems

Microsoft's Internet Explorer can cause frustrations when there are issues with it redirecting to websites that were not selected by the user. This type of problem is usually caused by spyware, malware or a virus that has infected the computer. In order to get rid of this bad software and the associated Internet Explorer redirect problems, there are a few steps to follow.

Using Antivirus Software to Fix Redirect Issues

The most common cause of an Internet Explorer redirect problem is that a virus or piece of malware or spyware has infected the computer. The best thing to do if you are experiencing unintended redirect issues in Internet Explorer is to first ensure that you have an antivirus program running, and that it has been updated recently. You should run a complete system scan with the antivirus program in order to find any viruses that may be lurking on your computer.

Applications that Target Spyware and Malware

If the problem is still present after running your antivirus program, you should move on to applications that specifically target spyware and malware. Reputable examples of these types of programs include “Spybot Search & Destroy” and “Malwarebytes.” These programs are free for personal use, and are able to delete the types of applications that can cause redirect problems with internet explorer. To get started, download one of the scanning programs and install it on your computer. Open it up and it will ask you to download updates, which you should do. You may then tell the software to do a complete system scan of your machine, and clean any problems that are found. Sometimes you may have to complete these step multiple times, pausing in between to reboot your computer. However, this is an effective way to get rid of programs that may be causing Internet Explorer to redirect.

Reinstalling the Operating System to Fix Redirect Problems

If you are still having redirect problems with Internet Explorer, then you should consider reinstalling your operating system. Although this is a drastic step, sometimes there is no other alternative if you want to rid your computer of its problems. Reinstalling your operating system is a guaranteed way to fix your Internet Explorer redirect problems, but if you are unfamiliar with this process, it may be daunting. An alternative to consider is an operating system “repair,” where the core system files are reloaded, without the loss of your data. This process is relatively straightforward to perform on a Windows machine, so long as you have the original operating system CD that came with your computer. Be aware that if you completely reinstall the operating system all of your old files and data will be deleted. Back up files you wish to keep on an external drive or disk.