iPad Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth devices allow you to connect accessories to your iPad wirelessly. If you are attempting to use a Bluetooth headset or keyboard with your iPad and cannot gain a connection, the reason may be as simple as a lack of power supply or as complex as device incompatibility. Always make sure that your iPad is equipped with the latest iOS and your Bluetooth device has the most up-to-date software or firmware.

Apple iPad 2 Goes On Sale
The iPad 2 is compatible with a wider range of Bluetooth devices.
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Out of Range

Bluetooth devices have a limited physical range in which they will work. If your iPad is more than about 30 feet from the Bluetooth device, the two units cannot communicate. Even if your headset or keyboard is properly paired with the iPad, when you move out of range you will experience issues getting the device to connect to the iPad.

Power Supply

A Bluetooth accessory that does not have a power source cannot connect with the iPad. In many cases, your Bluetooth device requires a battery charge, so check the power level of your device if you experience connectivity issues. If your Bluetooth device requires connection to a wall outlet for power, check the wall outlet to make sure it is working properly and supplying power to the device.

Improper Pairing

Each Bluetooth device must be manually paired with your iPad. A Bluetooth headset or keyboard has a unique PIN assigned to it. From the iPad, go to the Settings menu and select "General" and then "Bluetooth." All Bluetooth devices within range that are properly paired should appear in a list. If your Bluetooth device is not listed, it has not been paired with the iPad. Place your Bluetooth device into discovery mode, as directed by the manufacturer's instructions, and return to the Bluetooth screen on your iPad. The iPad will pick up the device's signal and you are asked to confirm the pairing. If a pairing does exist but the device still doesn't work, Apple recommends deleting the record of the old pairing and repeating the process.

Incompatible Bluetooth Devices

iPads are not compatible with all Bluetooth keyboards and headsets. The original iPad and iPad 2 will work with A2DP, AVRCP, PAN and HID devices. The iPad 2 is also compatible with HFP 1.5 formatted Bluetooth devices. If you attempt to pair another format of Bluetooth with your iPad, your attempts will be unsuccessful.