iPhone Apps That Record Conversations

Two types of iPhone applications record conversations -- ones that record conversations taking place in the vicinity of the phone, and ones that record telephone calls taking place on the phone itself. IProRecorder and iTalk Recorder are two examples of the former, while Call Recording and Recorder are two examples of the latter. All four applications are available for download from Apple’s iTunes Store.

A number of iPhone applications let you record conversations.


IProRecorder uses your iPhone’s built-in microphone to record audio, effectively turning the phone into the equivalent of a digital voice recorder capable of recording voice memos, college lectures, sermons, interviews, music and more. Recorded audio is stored directly on your phone. IProRecorder's features include one-touch start and stop, a recording timer, adjustable playback speeds, three quality settings, built-in audio file geo-tagging functionality, email integration, graphical level meters and iPod and iPad compatibility. IProRecorder costs around $3 and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

iTalk Recorder

Like iProRecorder, ITalk Recorder lets you capture conversations and other audio in the vicinity of your iPhone. ITalk Recorder’s features include a simple, intuitive graphical interface, email integration, noise cancellation capabilities, three adjustable sound quality settings and a built-in search function. ITalk Recorder is a free application. A paid version of the application with more advanced email, social networking and Dropbox integration is available for around $2. Both versions of iTalk Recorder require iOS 4.0 or later.

Call Recording

Call Recording is an application developed by TPS Games that lets iPhone users record audio from any incoming or outgoing call. When you’re in a call, you activate the application and press the record button. Call Recording then dials a number, and your call is recorded on a server maintained by TPS Games. When the call is over, you call yet another number to listen back to your recording. The application is free to download, but fees are associated with calling TPS Games’ servers to record and retrieve your calls. Also, in some states you must get consent from someone to record her in a conversation. Call Recording requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Recorder works the same way as Call Recording, allowing you to capture and save conversations that take place on your iPhone. Its features include seek and pause tools during playback, graphical audio level meters and an audio-recording bit rate of 44.1 kilobits. The Recorder application costs about a dollar to download, but you must also purchase recording minutes at a cost of about $12 for every eight hours, as of the date of publication. Recorder requires iOS 3.0 or later.