Is There a Way to See if Someone Has Read an Email You Sent Them on Yahoo?

By Jennifer Leighton

Once you click that "Send" button on your Yahoo! Mail message, in the past you may have previously had to simply wait for a reply, never knowing if the message actually reached its destination and was opened. You can avoid all the "what ifs" when you use free email tracking programs. These programs are compatible with Yahoo! Mail and will send you message alerts when your emails are opened.

Step 1

Launch a Web browser. Navigate to an email tracking service on the Web. Options include Read Notify and Did They Read It?

Step 2

Click the sign up link to create an account.

Step 3

Input the required information, which includes your name, email address, and country.

Step 4

Launch a new Web browser. Navigate to your Yahoo! email address and log into your account.

Step 5

Check your email inbox for an email from the email tracking service you signed up with. Click on the verification link within that email.

Step 6

Sign into the site when prompted. Read the email tracking site information and open your email tracking page there if desired.

Step 7

Open your personal email account window again. Start a new email message that you wish to track.

Step 8

Type the email recipient's email address into the proper field. Add the specific words your email tracking site requires to track it. For example, for tracking on the Did They Read It site, users must add "" to the email address. On the Read Notify site, users must add "" to the end of the email address.

Step 9

Send the email. When your recipient opens the email, you will receive a notification in your email inbox and will be able to access your email tracking site for further details.

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