Landline Phone Options

The use of landlines is still a viable way to receive telephone calls in the home, but as the telecommunications industry continues to improve and invent new technology, many homeowners are searching for other landline options. Further, the fact that the landline requires a wired phone line to your home, and many homeowners use wireless, suggests that it has become trendy to use different sources for your home phone telephone service needs.

Home phone service now has new options.

Digital Voice Phone Service

Digital voice modem service is telephone service in which the user plugs his home phone into a modem supplied by a cable company, such as Comcast, also known as Xfinity. Many cable companies use this option because they can "bundle" the cable service with the telephone service and offer specials to the user.

Magic Jack Phone System

The Magic Jack system plugs your phone into your computer. The user receives a free phone number, free directory assistance and free voice mail. The number of calls is unlimited using Magic Jack. The technology used with Magic Jack is VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol as the use of VoIP has been substantially growing over recent years.

Skype Communication Service

Skype is an international phone communication service. An individual signs up for Skype at no charge and connects a microphone to his computer and begins to use Skype to communicate globally. Skype also offers a feature to use instant communication by typing messages to the receiver. If your computer has a webcam, using Skype, you can actually see the person that you are speaking to in real time.

Vonage Communications

Vonage also provides unlimited phone calls throughout the world using VoIP. With Vonage, you plug your home phone into a Vonage phone adapter and that adapter plugs into your computer to use your Internet to connect you to the phone service.