List of Free Internet Radio Stations

You used to meed both a boom box and a computer if you liked to listen to music while you typed. But modern computers come equipped with speakers and are capable of playing music via the Internet. The result is a plethora of Internet radio stations competing for your attention. Each offers something a bit different for those looking for free Internet radio.

Man with laptop computer and headphones
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Pandora Internet Radio

The popularity of Pandora Radio stems from the user's ability to create a personalized listening experience. You simply type in a band or song that you like, and Pandora will create a playlist with songs of a similar style. Also, you have the option of selecting "like" or "dislike" during a song, allowing Pandora to better accommodate your personal tastes when creating future playlists. "The Wall Street Journal" reported in December 2009 that Pandora has 40 million registered users.

SHOUTcast Radio

Although SHOUTcast provides a less personal experience than Pandora, it certainly has some merits of its own. The 33,000 stations available to users are separated according to genre. You simply select a genre, like blues or classical, and you are given a list of stations ranked by the number of listeners. The station with the most listeners is at the top of the list and the station with the least amount of listeners is at the bottom. Another perk is that SHOUTcast puts the name of the song currently playing next to the name of each station so you can get a small taste of what is in store.

While Pandora and SHOUTcast have cast a wide net to accommodate the masses, a few niche stations have emerged on the Internet radio scene. only offers vintage radio shows and music that dates back to the 1920s. You will find artists such as "Amos & Andy" and big band tunes on