List of Wireless Internet Service Providers

Wireless enabled devices access the Internet by communicating with an established network. Computers, laptops, and cell phones are common devices that have wireless capabilities. Wireless connections provide mobile communication options as they do not require cabling to connect. Many companies provide wireless Internet access services.

Some wireless products resemble flash drives.


Cricket offers prepaid mobile broadband USB products available with unlimited usage plans. Cricket offers an unlimited plan that requires no contract and does not incur overages. The device can be protected with Cricket’s insurance coverage plan for approximately which protects the device from theft, loss, physical damage and failure from manufacturer defects.

Cricket P.O. Box 660021 Dallas, TX 75266 (800) 274-2538


Sprint offers mobile broadband cards and consumer hotspot technology. The products facilitate access to the Internet for one or more users over Sprint’s established wireless network. The wireless broadband card comes in the flash drive form. You can plug the card into your laptop’s USB plug to install the software and begin browsing the Internet. The flash drive broadband card allows one user to access the Internet. The wireless hotspot has connection capacity for five computers. Monthly service plans provide limited or unlimited data transfer. Review the contract and pricing details carefully before making a decision.

Sprint P.O. Box 660075 Dallas, TX 75266 (866) 866-7509


T-mobile also provides mobile broadband card products. The broadband mobile service plans include either 200 megabytes or 5 gigabytes of data transfer per month. The plan specifies which methods you may use services for. T-Mobile requires a contract for initiating a wireless service plan. The plan allows web browsing and email communications. The plan prohibits computer tethering, continuous web camera feeds and use as a dedicated line. Review the contract carefully to ensure you are in compliance.

T-Mobile Customer Relations P.O. Box 37380 Albuquerque, NM 97176 (800) 866-2453