Longevity of LED Vs. LCD

By Mihir Shah

The LED television is a new incarnation of the LCD set. The only difference between the two is that LED is backlit, while LCD is not, making LED televisions thinner machines that provide a brighter viewing experience.


The most prevalent misconception about both LCD and LED television sets is that they last forever. Though this is untrue, an LCD television can run constantly for approximately seven years before its light source burns out.

Longevity: LCD vs. LED

LED televisions have a longer lifespan than their LCD counterparts. While LCD TVs provide nearly sixty thousand hours of run time, LED sets last nearly one hundred thousand hours. LED televisions are equipped with optimum light technology and provide an undiminished viewing experience, even as bulb color begins to fade. In contrast, an LCD set begins to show spots in the image as its bulbs age.

Fun Fact

Both LCD and LED units are equipped with LCD, or liquid crystal diode, technology.