How to Make Desktop Icons Reappear

By eHow Computers Editor

The use of desktop icons has served to simplify opening and using programs in Microsoft Windows. With a simple click of the mouse, an entire program can be opened. Unfortunately those desktop icons can also be deleted, sometimes accidentally or sometimes by the desktop cleaning utility that runs in Windows, but there is a simple process to recover desktop icons. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Click it without a ticket. To restore lost desktop icons, first place your mouse anywhere in a blank area on your desktop. Once you have placed your cursor in an unused area of the desktop, right click.

Step 2

Check the pop up. Once you have right-clicked your mouse in the unused area of your desktop you will receive a pop up menu or prompt. Choose "Properties" by left clicking it with your mouse.

Step 3

Grab that tab. Once you have clicked on "Properties" you will receive a dialog box. Click on the tab labeled "Desktop."

Step 4

Customize it. Once you have clicked the "Desktop" tab choose "Customize Desktop" which will prompt another dialog box to open. From there click on the "General" tab.

Step 5

Restore order. After you have clicked the "General" tab you will see a list of icons. Simply choose the icons you want restored or placed on the desktop and then click "OK." That's it. You have now successfully restored your desktop icons.

Tips & Warnings

  • Both Windows XP Home and Professional editions have the new Start menu enabled by default which removes the "My Computer," "My Documents" and "My Network Places" from the desktop. To restore these icons just follow the same process for restoring deleted icons.