Making Brochures on a Mac

Create a Plan or Outline

All-in-One Software Brochure Options

Before you go to the Mac to create the brochure, you should draw out a plan on paper for what you want the brochure to look like. Folding a piece of paper into the same shape you want the brochure to have can help you visualize where you want information to appear on the final brochure and how it must be formatted on the computer to print correctly.

Pick a Style of Brochure

Paper sizes for a typical brochure are letter (8.5 x 11 inches), legal (8.5 x 14 inches) or tabloid (11 x 17 inches). Choose what size best fits your content needs. Next you need to choose the style of fold. Trifold is where you hold a piece of paper lengthwise and fold it into thirds with the left side on top as the cover. Z-fold is similar to trifold but the ends are folded in opposite directions like an accordion. A brochure could also be folded top down like a business letter, folded into fourths or folded in half like a book.

Choose the Software

All-in-One Software Brochure Options

All-in-one software packages are one option when looking for software to create a brochure. These packages are usually aimed at the home computer user or small business user and include tools that work with text and other multimedia simultaneously. Word processing software focuses on text and is capable of formatting, saving and printing a brochure, with built-in features to make the process easier for the novice designer. Desktop publishing software packages have tools specifically designed for handling text and graphics with additional tools for customizing and configuring layout. Lastly, stand-alone software that simply makes brochures is also an option. These packages are often less expensive than multipurpose software. However, the advantage of investing in multipurpose software is that you can use it for more than making a brochure.

Online Options

Brochure design services are available online where you can make a brochure from scratch, save it and print it, all through your web browser software. Some are even free to use. Those that utilize Flash for the interface are compatible with Macs.


Templates Included With Word Processing Software

Starting with a template for a brochure instead of starting from scratch can save you time because the design part will be mostly taken care of in the template. You simply need to figure out what piece of text goes where on the page and what pictures you want in the brochure. The types of software mentioned in the earlier section usually come with templates pre-installed or software companies offer templates online on their websites.


You can print brochures at home on an inkjet or laser printer up to the paper size your printer can support. Alternatively, you can design the brochure on your Mac at home and then take your computer file to a printing store to have it printed on their professional grade machines. Some print companies also allow you to upload your file to their website from your home computer and make a print order that is then mailed to you. You never need to leave the house.