Making Cards for Free Online

You can find free greeting cards online for every occasion. These include customizable ecards and printable cards. You can also make your own cards on online photo editing sites. Before you get started making your online card, make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer.

Making Cards for Free Online

Making an Ecard Online

Sites such as, and offer free ecards you can send by email. Of these sites, only requires that you register for an account to send an ecard. These sites typically have a wide range of free animated cards and postcards you can send by email. There are cards for the holidays and for special occasions. In most cases, you can personalize your card with a greeting and message you wrote yourself. When your card is complete, enter your recipient's email address in the field provided to send it.

Making a Printable Card Online

Websites that offer free printable cards include, and The interfaces on and are rather plain, whereas provides interactive tools that use Flash Player. On you can also add a photo to your printable card. Make sure you crop and resize your photo in an image-processing software program before you upload it. also has printable cards that you or your children can color. Use heavy card stock instead of printer paper to create the best-quality card.

Creating Cards on Photo Editing Sites

Sites such as and use Flash Player to edit your photos. Their tools are sophisticated yet simple to use. Creating an ecard is the best option if you are new to graphic design. You can do this on either one of these photo editing websites. If you're creating a printable card, go to and create an image file that's 1032 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. Use the "Fill" tool to create a white background and divide the image in half with a pale vertical line. Make the right half the front of the card. Place your photo and greeting on this section. The left side will be the back of the card. You can create another image with the same dimensions to print your personal message on the reverse side of the card stock.

Avoiding Problems

Many online greeting card sites try to get you to sign up for an account before you can send or print your card. In some cases, the greeting card website may spam you or force you to read ad after ad before you can send your card. As with any other site, take precautions when signing up for an online account. Always use a disposable email address when signing up for an account on online greeting card sites. Never give your sensitive account information to any site you don't explicitly trust.