Mitsubishi TV Instructions

For more than 25 years, Mitsubishi has been producing high-quality TVs. From inventing the first rear-projection TV to pioneering the US HDTV market, Mitsubishi TVs provide excellent usability and convenience. Setting them up and enjoying their features is easy, even for new users. Don't be intimidated when setting up a new TV with unfamiliar features, just be patient and enjoy what technology has to offer. If you need a copy of your user manual, check the Mitsubishi product documents link.


Out of the- box, Mitsubishi TVs come preset for the average optimal settings. This means that the typical user can plug the TV in, connect the cable or antenna, run a channel scan and watch TV in minutes. Featuring Component, Composite, and HDMI inputs, any number of High and Standard Definition input devices can be added, provided you have the inputs available. Switching between the inputs can be done by pressing the “Input” button on the remote to bring up the input menu. Once you have completed the setup of your TV, use the Resource to register your product with Mitsubishi.

ClearThought Easy Connect

To make the setup of your TV more intuitive, Mitsubishi utilizes ClearThought Easy Connect. ClearThought Easy Connect is a technology developed by Mitsubishi, which allows the television to detect new inputs, and prompts the user to name the new input. This makes it much easier to determine which input will be your DVD player, cable set-top box, Blu-ray player and tuner. To further simplify things, inputs that are not being used do not show up in the input selection menu, providing quicker and easier access to your devices.

Integrated Sound Projector

Many Mitsubishi TVs feature Integrated Sound Projector (iSP), which is an all-in-one home theater setup. iSP allows the TV to reproduce 5.1 surround sound from the speaker bar attached to the TV. Using advanced mathematics, the iSP is able to produce a sound field with the 16 speakers housed in the speaker bar. This gives you the enjoyment of surround sound without the need for messy wires or a complicated installation. The iSP setup comes set for an average room by default, but allows you to enter in a custom room size to allow the best possible theater experience. All of this can be done from the simple on-screen iSP setup from the “Settings” menu.


If the picture displayed on your TV seems to be distorted, pressing the “Format” button on the remote will cycle through different formats until your picture is displayed correctly. If you experience problems with any devices being displayed on the TV, verify that the device is plugged in properly and that the proper video input has been selected using the “Input” button on your remote. If HDMI inputs do not look right, you may be using a Category 1 HDMI cable as opposed to the optimal Category 2 HDMI cables.