Modern Uses for Batteries

More than two centuries after the invention of the first battery by Alessandro Volta, batteries continue to work as a common power source for many household and industrial applications.

A battery

Two basic types of batteries are available in the market. Primary batteries are disposable ones designed for one-time use. Secondary batteries are rechargeable ones designed for reusing multiple times. In terms of size, miniature cells are used in hearing aids and wristwatches, while large batteries are used for telephone exchanges and computer data centers.

Multimedia Gadgets, Toys and Accessories

Batteries are widely used in electronic and multimedia devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, GPS units and MP4 players. The portability of battery-operated DVD players, radios and cordless phones rely on energy coming from batteries. Even battery-powered phone and multimedia player chargers are now sold in the market.

A variety of toys and accessories from remote control cars to LED battery lights and digital photo frames need batteries to function. Countless innovative battery-powered toys and gadgets abound and continue to develop. Products that pique the interest of many consumers include battery-operated umbrellas with light-saber effects, flameless candles and battery-operated eraser pens.

Tools and Appliances

From home appliances to hand tools used for various repair needs, using batteries for their operations become practical choices for mobility and efficiency. Since there are certain situations when such appliances and tools are far from electrical outlets or using long cords becomes an inconvenient option, the use of batteries is the ideal way to get things done. Batteries also become an essential power source for emergencies, especially in times of power outage.

There are both tools and appliances that require power through batteries only and those equipped with both power cords for direct plugging into electrical outlets and the option to use batteries. Many innovative kitchen tools are battery-powered like can openers, coffee makers, milk frothers, pepper mills and camping fryers and kettles. A number of home appliances and to do-it-yourself and repair tools such as humidifiers, lamps, irons, portable air conditioners, fans and air pumps also have battery-powered choices. Even personal products like toothbrushes and shavers feature battery-operated options.

Medical Devices

The medical field utilizes a number of battery-operated medical devices to help people manage their medical conditions. The most common examples of these devices include pacemakers, hearing aids, blood pressure measuring devices, digital thermometers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, spinal stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators and cranial nerve stimulators.

These medical devices typically comprise a housing with electrical components and a compartment for accommodating at least one battery.