Multi-Gesture Touchpad Instructions

By Zach Dexter

Carrying a mouse around with your laptop can be cumbersome, which is why most notebook and netbook computers have an input device directly below the keyboard called a touchpad. You can move a finger on the touchpad and control the mouse pointer on your screen, thus eliminating the need for an external mouse. Along with this basic function, many touchpads have expanded functionality that allows you to do more than just point and click. These movements are called "gestures."

Step 1

Place two fingers side by side on the touchpad and slide them up and down to scroll up and down through a document.

Step 2

Slide those same two fingers left and right to scroll left and right in a document.

Step 3

Place your thumb and forefinger on the touchpad, about half an inch apart. Move your thumb and forefinger in a circle, as though you are turning a dial, to rotate pictures and other objects.

Step 4

Move your thumb toward the bottom left corner of the touchpad and simultaneously move your forefinger in the opposite direction, toward the upper right corner of the touchpad, to zoom in.

Step 5

Move your thumb and forefinger back toward each other to zoom out.

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