My iPhone Won't Make Phone Calls

By Chris O'Toole

The iPhone 4 was released in 2010 for use by AT&T customers. The Apple faithful lined up to buy the innovative phone, but many were unable to make a simple phone call. To Apple's credit, many temporary fixes were offered before an official solution to the problem was made available. Other common issues may arise with the iPhone 4 and can be addressed with simple troubleshooting.

Step 1

Move closer to a window or the outdoors. It is possible that your location is effectively blocking the cell signal, even if you are in a service area. The available cell service can be seen in the form of bars at the top left corner of your iPhone.

Step 2

Turn off Airplane mode. For the safety of others flying, Apple installed Airplane mode to shut down your cell service. To turn it on or off, touch the "Settings" button. You will find Airplane mode at the top of your screen. If it is off, then "Off" will be highlighted in orange.

Step 3

Restart your iPhone. Your phone may be experiencing a temporary technological error. Press and hold the button on the top right corner of your iPhone until a red arrow appears. Slide the arrow from left to right. Then, press and hold the top-right button until the Apple logo comes on screen.

Step 4

Ask for a bumper from Apple. These rubber products were given to iPhone 4 users in response to problems with the phone's antenna. They were originally given away for free, but you can purchase one for about $29.

Tips & Warnings

  • Look up your service provider on AT&T's website. The problem may have nothing to do with the iPhone. Look for the areas of the map that are covered in orange or light orange. If your current location is not this color, you are not in a service range.