My Laptop Screen Won't Display on a Projector

By Bonnie Conrad

Using a video projector with your laptop allows you to share your data with everyone in the room. While most of the time the laptop screen will automatically display when you power on the computer and the projector, that is not always the case. Learning how to find and resolve common display problems with your projector helps ensure that all your presentations go off without a hitch.

Things You'll Need

  • Small screwdriver set
  • Monitor cable

Step 1

Shut down the laptop and the projector. Power on the projector and wait for the power light to come on and stay on steady.

Step 2

Power on the laptop and watch the screen carefully. Press the input button on the projector repeatedly until you see your laptop screen. Continue to the next step if the laptop still does not display.

Step 3

Remove the monitor cable from the back of the laptop and the projector. Tighten the cable on both ends, using a small screwdriver to make sure the connection is tight.

Step 4

Use a new monitor cable to connect the laptop and the projector if there is still no video. Make sure the cable is fastened securely to the laptop and the projector.

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