My Laptop Screen Won't Work

By Amanda Lacasse

Turning on your laptop and being faced with a blank screen is never a pleasant experience. Screen problems are fairly common, however, and there are tests you can perform yourself to see whether the problem is a simple adjustment or something that requires a computer technician to solve. Try the troubleshooting steps below to determine whether or not your laptop needs professional help.

Step 1

Examine your screen to check for cracks or other signs of physical damage. A broken laptop screen will need to be replaced.

Step 2

Hit any key to see if your computer is in sleep mode. This technique should also work if you have mistakenly activated a password feature by pressing the "Fn" and another function key, but have not created a password.

Step 3

Check to make sure that the display priority is set for your laptop's screen, not an external monitor by pressing the "Fn" and another function key (it will probably have a computer and monitor printed on it) simultaneously. If this doesn't solve the problem, press the keys again to reset the display priority.

Step 4

Look closely at your screen to determine whether it is completely black or has a very faint image. If you can see an image, the problem may be a bad inverter board or backlight.

Step 5

Connect your laptop to an external monitor if your screen lights up but is blank. If the external monitor works, the problem most likely is with your LCD screen cable.