My MacBook Won't Power On

By Andrea Griffith

Many people rely quite a bit on their Macs, which is one of the reasons why if it breaks, many feel like they are missing a large portion of their work, music and even their life. If your MacBook will not turn on, there might be a simple solution. There are several procedures that you can follow to troubleshoot the issue. If the problem still persists, you will need to take your MacBook to a professional to repair.

Step 1

Turn your computer off and disconnect any devices connecting to your computer, including a printer and your mouse. Keep the computer off for several minutes, then try turning it on again.

Step 2

Check the battery level to your computer. On the side of your MacBook will be a tiny, circle button. Press the button in to test the battery. If all, or a couple, of the tiny lights glow green it does have battery life. However, if one light is blinking it needs to be charged.

Step 3

Check out your MagSafe port and the battery adapter. Because the MacBook's battery port is magnetic, something could have gotten stuck inside of the port. Make sure the inside of the port is cleaned and cleared of debris. Take a look at the adapter, as well. Make sure the prongs, or pins, are not missing or broken. A broken adapter or dirty port will not be able to charge your MacBook properly.

Step 4

Restart the computer by pressing Control, Command and the Power Button all at the same time. Hold all three buttons down for three seconds.

Step 5

Schedule your MacBook for a service appointment with an Apple retailer or electronic/computer specialist if none of the above troubleshooting techniques do not work.