My Vizio TV Is Black With No Sound

Vizio flat-panel displays come with a variety of input connections such as HDMI, RCA and Component Video to meet the demands of different third-party devices. If the TV displays a black screen with no sound, often, the problem is with the connections. Connection problems interfere with the audio and video signals sent to the TV. If you're unable to see or hear anything on your TV, Vizio provides solutions to solve connection problems to optimize audio and video.


If the Vizio TV screen is black with no sound, the input connections to third-party devices such as DVD and Blu-ray players are incorrect. In addition, if the input channel you connected the device to isn't selected, the TV displays a black screen with no sound. If the mute function is enabled, sound output is completely disabled.

Third-party Device Connections

If you're using third-party devices, verify they are properly connected to the correct inputs on the TV or you won't see images and hear sound. Vizio TV's support a variety of input connections such as HDMI for high-definition signals, Component Video and RCA video and audio connections for standard-definitions. If you're using HDMI connections, verify the connectors on the cable are connected to an HDMI port on your device and Vizio TV. How third-party devices connect to the TV varies, so referring to your device's manual for information on audio and video connections can maximize performance.


After verifying connections with third-party devices, the Vizio Tv must be set to the correct input channel or the screen will remain black without sound. Whether you're using HDMI, Component Video or standard connections, each input on the back includes a label such as COMPONENT 1 or HDMI. Pressing the "INPUT" button on the remote control or TV allows you to select the input channel a device is connected to. If you're using multiple devices such as a satellite receiver, gaming console and DVD player, making note of the input labels on the back of the TV allows you to select the correct channel for each device.


If the mute feature on your TV is enabled, pressing the "MUTE" button disables it. In some cases, sound and video problems are with cable and satellite providers. Flipping the channels back and forth can tell you for sure if the issue is with the provider. If each channel is consistent with the black without sound issue, contact your provider. Sound and video problems are also caused by issues with third-party devices. If one or more of the devices connect to your Vizio TV aren't working or performing as expected, referring to the troubleshooting information on the device's manual can be helpful for solving problems.