Outlook Express Does Not Print My Entire Email

By Missy J. Talbot

The "Print" function on Outlook Express is meant to print emails for a hard copy. If you use the function, and you noticed that it is not printing an entire email, there are several ways that you can troubleshoot the problem to make sure that Outlook Express begins to print the entire message. You may need to print off the message in a different way, depending on the messages.

Step 1

Check to see that the entire message is loaded on your screen. If the entire message does not load on the screen, it won't all print. Typically, the Print function will only print the message that is displayed. If you have a "Display More" or "Show All" link, click it, and then try to print it again.

Step 2

Click Reply or Forward to move the message into a new window. Then, delete any message headers or footers that might make the message too long. Try printing it again from this location, or send it to yourself and try printing it. If the message is too long, Outlook Express might not print it all.

Step 3

Click on the message box, and then click "Control A" to highlight the entire message. Click "Control C" to copy the message, and then place your cursor in a blank document file. Click "Control V" to paste the message on the word document. Then, you can save and print the document.