Parts Needed to Build a Gaming Computer

Building a gaming computer is similar to building a regular computer, except that you are using more powerful parts. Putting all these parts together may be challenging but is achievable. You must choose the right hardware that will help your computer run faster than a regular computer and play games without any lag.

A personal computer used to play games needs parts that operate at higher speeds than a conventional PC.


A high-capacity processor handles all the computing aspects of games and will reduce loading times dramatically. Look for a good CPU (central processing unit) with a high GHz (gigahertz) speed. A processor with 2.0 or higher GHz should be a good benchmark at which to start.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the most important part you need when building a gaming computer. It allows the computer to display the graphics and views you see during games. The graphics card is usually the most expensive part in a gaming computer. A graphics card should have a high FPS (frames per second) and a large amount of memory. A good choice is a card with 60 FPS and 512 MB (megabytes).


RAM (random access memory) is the tool that the computer uses to run programs and multitask efficiently while playing games. The general rule is that the more RAM you have, the faster your games will run. Always get the most RAM you can afford. Anything over 2GB of RAM is sufficient.


The motherboard is like the brain of the computer. It helps the other parts in the computer communicate with each other. Without a good motherboard, your gaming computer will suffer in terms of speed and power. You must choose a motherboard that will be compatible with your graphics card and processor.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is important in a gaming computer because it will hold all the games on your computer. Pick a hard drive for the amount of space you need. A hard drive with between 250 and 500 GB is enough.