Parts of a Diskette

Diskettes were the primary medium for computer data storage from the 1980s until the early 2000s. Due to their limited capacity and some reliability issues, they were eventually replaced by CD, DVD, and flash memory storage.

Parts of a Diskette

Magnetic Disk

The magnetic disk is a round piece of plastic. The disk has a magnetic coating to store information in patterns in this coating.


The magnetic disk is mounted on a metal hub with holes that fit on a spindle in the disk drive.

Paper Ring

The magnetic disk is protected from scratches by paper rings on either side of the plastic housing. The paper rings also remove dust that collects on the magnetic disk.


The magnetic disk, hub, and paper rings are mounted in a standard sized plastic housing.

Shutter & Spring

The shutter and spring cover the read/write head opening in the diskette when it isn't in use. When the diskette in inserted in a drive, this shutter and spring are opened to allow access to the diskette.

Write Protect Tab

The write protect tab is a plastic tab that can be engaged to prevent data from being written to the diskette.