PDF To iPhoto

When you want to edit or crop a PDF file, traditional PDF readers will not do the trick. By bringing a PDF file into iPhoto, you can make greater use of the file without buying expensive editing software. Unlike image files, you cannot drag and drop PDF files directly into iPhoto; you must convert the entire PDF or part of it into a standard image file format, like JPG or TIFF.

Once you bring a PDF into iPhoto, you can use it for your computer's desktop background.


By moving a PDF into iPhoto, you can make it easier to use the file. The iPhoto program allows you to take multiple actions on a file from a single interface: you can share them on an online photo site, publish to Facebook, set an image as your background, resize and crop, adjust colors or send in an email. If you do not have a dedicated editing program like Photoshop or InDesign, iPhoto allows you to perform many of the same basic actions. Once you have converted a PDF to a standard image format, you can use it on any computer without requiring an external PDF reading program.

Save to iPhoto

If you want to import the full range of PDF pages into iPhoto, the easiest method is the "Save to iPhoto" feature. To find the feature, open your PDF and choose the print option in Adobe Reader; it is an option in the "PDF" drop-down menu on the bottom left part of the print dialogue box. Once you hit the button, it will save each page as an individual JPG file in iPhoto. Your original PDF file will remain unaffected and you can edit each page in iPhoto as you would a photograph.

Screen Capture

Many PDF files are multiple-page documents. If you want to capture only one page or a portion of a page, you can use the screen capture method. On a PC, hitting the "Alt" key and the "Print Screen" key at the same time will save an image to your desktop. On a Mac, you can use the built-in "Capture" program. Once you have the image file captured on your computer's desktop, it can be dragged directly into an open iPhoto session.

Alternate PDF Conversion Methods

Depending on your computer expertise and software availability, you can use alternate methods to convert PDFs to iPhoto-compatible image files. If you have Adobe PhotoShop, you can import a PDF file, page by page, and save it as a JPF, TIFF or GIF. You can also use one of many online conversion tools like the Neevia Technology tool, Zamzar or Nitro PDF; simply upload your PDF and choose the output file type.