Peachtree Accounting Software Tutorials

Peachtree is an accounting software program made available through Sage. Peachtree comes in several different versions, including Pro, Quantum and Complete. Standard features included on most of the programs are customer records, budget creation tools, sales tracking, payroll and expense lists. To use all of these features, you can take advantage of Peachtree tutorials.

Tutorials From Sage

Training and tutorials are available through Sage to Peachtree users. Unfortunately, the tutorials are not free and the cost is determined by the type of training you decide to use. There are study guides, CD-ROMs and online classes that you can sign up for through the Peachtree website in order to learn how to use the accounting software.

The cheapest method from Sage is to purchase one of their study guides with written instructions on operation in Peachtree. You can also purchase the Peachtree accounting tutorial from Sage on CD-ROM. This interactive CD-ROM has step-by-step instructions and tips for Peachtree.

Sage U is the online training facility operated by the makers of Peachtree. As long as you have a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, you can sign up for one of the courses to attend recorded tutorial sessions.

On certain versions of Peachtree, like Peachtree Complete, you can access software tutorials through the program’s CD-ROM. The interactive tutorial will walk you through different steps as you begin to use the accounting program. The tutorials will appear on screen as blue boxes and under the heading “Things to Remember.” You can also access the “Help” menu for training assistance while using the software.

Free Peachtree Tutorials

If you are trying to access Peachtree tutorials online, you can also find free versions available to you. Free Peachtree tutorials are usually generated by other users of the software and posted online. The only thing to keep in mind when using free Peachtree tutorials is that you may want to double check the accuracy of the method provided.

Start by looking at forums of Peachtree accounting software users. On these forums, you can likely find a collection of tips or links to other sites where you can get free Peachtree information. One example of this type of site is Peachtree Users (see "Resources," below, for the link). You can also check file-sharing sites to see if you can download free tutorial software for Peachtree.