Phones That Can Be Converted to MetroPCS

By Daniel Westlake

MetroPCS offers a cheaper alternative for cell phone users then major carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. It also makes it easier for existing customers who are with Verizon or Sprint to move to their cell phone plan, as the MetroPCS system is compatible with most of the phones which are made for Verizon or Sprint customers. A number of other phones can be converted for use with MetroPCS.

Blackberry Curve 8330

The Blackberry Curve is a smaller model of Blackberry phone that allows users to make phone calls but also check their email and search the Internet easily. These phones can be converted to a MetroPCS calling plan, according to the Prepaid Cell Phones website, at a premium cost of $60 per month as of October 2010. Customers with this model of cell phone will have access to everything that MetroPCS has to offer, including ringtones, games and wallpapers, as well as the Travel Talk service, which will allow customers to call and send texts outside of the MetroPCS coverage zone. This will cost an extra $5 per month on their bill.

Samsung SCH-r900

The Samsung SCH-r900 is a smartphone that is compatible with MetroPCS service. It runs on the LTE network, which is a new network as of 2010 and won't be fully used and initialized until 2011. By being able to use this phone on the MetroPCS network, which has a flat monthly rate for cell phone use, pressure is put on the larger carriers to not be able to raise rates on customers using this network as soon as it is operable for all mobile services. This smartphone has a touchscreen and a 4G network, allowing it to be one of the fastest cellular phones on the market.

Android Phones

All Android phones that are made for Verizon wireless services use the same basic technology that work with the MetroPCS wireless services. These phones have touchscreens and use a Windows operating system, allowing users to make calls, check email, surf the Internet and download useful mobile applications and tools from a marketplace. To convert these Android technology phones to the MetroPCS system an application called MetroFlash will have to be downloaded to the phone itself and installed on the phone's operating system. With the help of customer service at MetroPCS, these phones should work with the unlimited calling plan offered by the company for a flat rate of $79 per month.