Problems Connecting to WiFi on an iPhone

By Kenrick Callwood

The Apple iPhone is designed to be as intuitive as possible, and troubleshooting is a straightforward process. Some users have problems connecting to Wi-Fi on their iPhone. In most cases, this is a simple case of one option or another being turned off, or a misspelled passkey when trying to connect to a private network. Try a few simple steps before resetting your iPhone or sending it in for warranty repair.

Things You'll Need

  • Access to the wireless router

Step 1

Press the "Settings" icon on the home screen and click the "Wi-Fi" option to enter the list of available networks.

Step 2

Click the blue arrow next to the network you are having trouble connecting to and click the "Forget this Network" button at the top of the screen.

Step 3

Turn the internal Wi-Fi antennae off by sliding the button under the "Wi-Fi" heading in the "Wi-Fi Networks" menu from "ON" to "OFF."

Step 4

Turn off and unplug the wireless router.

Step 5

Wait ten seconds and turn the wireless router back on. Wait for it to fully reboot.

Step 6

Turn the iPhone's internal antennae back on from the "Wi-Fi Networks" screen.

Step 7

Connect to the Wi-Fi network and carefully enter the WEP/WPA passkey, if necessary.

Step 8

Open Safari or some other Internet-based iPhone application and verify that the phone navigates with no problems.