Problems With Voice Control on iPhone

Voice control is a feature in the second generation and newer iPhones that allows you to speak voice commands into the phone to find music, contacts, or give other commands, hands-free. This feature benefits those who may be doing tasks that require them to use both hands like driving or exercising. Unfortunately, some customers experience problems with voice control on the iPhone. Sometimes the issues are not technical, but due to not using the program effectively.

Sensitive Microphone

One benefit of iPhone's microphone is its sensitivity, how accurate it is when picking up a lot of frequencies. Unfortunately, this can cause issues with the voice control function. Reduce as much noise as you can to ensure the microphone hears your voice and your command clearly.

Dialect, Accent and Slang

The iPhone may sometimes get confused based on how you are speaking a name, song, or command. Spell out names that may be confusing to the iPhone phonetically to maximize its effectiveness in finding your contact.

Non-Intuitive Function

Sometimes the iPhone voice command is not intuitive. You have to be as specific as possible when speaking a command based on what you have saved to the phone. For example if you want to command the iPhone to play a song by Jay-Z, you would have to say "Jay-Z" and not "Jay," or "Hov," a shorter nickname.