Programming Instructions for a Direct TV Remote

It can be difficult to have to switch between television, DVD and audio remotes simply to watch different media on your television, which is why DirecTV remotes have been designed to accommodate four different settings. While the process of using the DirecTV remote may seem complicated, programming the remote to control different devices is actually very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Programming the Remote

Start by selecting the desired slot that you would like to program (If it is TV then select TV, AV1 can be a DVD or VHS player, as can AV 2). After making the selection, hold down the power button until the corresponding light begins to flash. Once it has finished flashing, locate the manufacturer of the equipment you are trying to program into the remote inside of your owner's manual. Once it has been located, you will see a short series of numbers, which you will input into the remote through the keypad that will give the remote programming instructions on how to operate the equipment. Once you have entered this sequence, try to turn the desired device on and off to make sure it has been inputted correctly.

If the device fails to answer the remote, check to see if there is another set of numbers to use. There are usually a number of different number combinations to try, as manufacturers change device programming instructions often with different models of their products. If the number combinations you tried did not work, then try a different number combination from the remote until you find one that will allow use of the device.

After having completed that step, you can repeat this step with the other inputs on the remote to allow programming of your other home devices that are connected to the television.


Many times, a remote will not recognize a device when going through the programming process, due to to the quicker punching of the numbers on the keypad than necessary. This will cause the remote to only catch a few of the numbers rather than all of them, leading to an error and not allowing the two devices to communicate. Try going in a smooth progression from button to button, and allow the remote to fully recognize the coding that you have entered.

In the same vein, also do not go too slow, so that the remote does not think you have stopped entering in the code, as it will no longer recognize the buttons you are pressing. Try to memorize the coding in your head first, so that you know which buttons you will be pressing when you go to enter in the code onto the remote. This will insure a better reaction time when entering the keypad combination during the process.