Protecting Yourself on the Modern Internet

By Michael Cox

There's a secret war going on inside your computer, and the prize is your bank account.It didn't start out that way. Many early computer viruses were little more than practical jokes. One of the first viruses, whimsically named Elk Cloner, simply displayed a poem written by its creator. Unfortunately, today's viruses and other attacks--known collectively as malware--clearly target your wallet, said Brendan Ziolo, vice president of marketing of Kindsight, an Ottawa, Ontario-based security firm. "What's changed is that the whole computer threat market has really become big business for the hackers." In the year ending July 2012, security firm Symantec estimated that malware and other cybercrime cost Internet users more than $110 billion worldwide.What does malware do, and how can you stop it? "It’s good for everyone to have at least a basic idea of threats and problems they can encounter on the Internet," asserts Ryan Naraine, a journalist and social media enthusiast specializing in Internet and computer security issues. In other words, know your enemy.






Adware and Spyware

Scareware and Ransomware

Protect Yourself

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