RCA DTA800B1 Instructions

By Nade Xro

The RCA DTA800B1 is a DTV converter box. It is used to convert over-the-air and digital signals into an analog signal suitable for an older TV set. Once the box is connected to your TV, you can scan for channels and begin viewing almost instantly. This device comes with a remote control and an RF coaxial cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Antenna cable
  • RF coaxial cable
  • Audio/video cables

Step 1

Rotate the left side of the converter box to create a foot. Stand the box up vertically on the foot.

Step 2

Connect the antenna cable from your TV to the "Antenna In" jack on the box.

Step 3

Connect the RF coaxial cable from the "Output to TV" jack on the box to the "Antenna" jack on the TV.

Step 4

Slide the channel selector at the back of the box to the channel that is not in use in your area --- the signal will be sent to either Channel 3 or 4 on the TV.

Step 5

Connect the audio/video cables to the "Audio/Video Out" jacks on the box. Connect the other end to the "Audio/Video In" jacks on the TV. These cables are red, white and yellow --- connect each cable to the matching colored hole.

Step 6

Connect the AC adapter to an outlet.

Step 7

Press the "Power" button on the remote to turn on the box. Turn on the TV and change it to the correct channel (either 3 or 4).

Step 8

Press the number that corresponds to your language. Press "1" to initiate the channel-scanning process.

Step 9

Wait for the scan to finish, then scroll through the detected channels and select one to view.