11 Reasons You Won't Be Able to Live Without Netflix's New Offline Downloads

Life just got so much better.

By Jill Layton

You've probably heard by now that, Netflix is finally offering the ability to download video for offline viewing (!!!!!!). Hallelujah. And if you're a Netflix fan (that's everyone, right?), you're surely aware of how incredibly exciting this news is. You can now download entire TV series and movies for later viewing when an Internet connection isn't available.

Downloading Netflix video means a new way to binge watch

The new feature has been added to all plans at no additional cost. It's available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS. All you need to do is download the Netflix update, and the option to browse downloads will automatically pop up when you open the app.


Not every show or movie can be downloaded. Disney, for example, is blocking the ability to download its films.

But several Netflix originals, popular TV shows and full-length movies are already available for offline download, including: Stranger Things, Parenthood, Orange is The New BlackUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Minions and The Imitation Game. Others will be available in the coming weeks.

So what does all of this mean for YOU? Well, it means life just got a lot better and entertain-ier (definitely not a word, but just go with it), and we have a feeling you'll never want to live without streaming Netflix again.

Here's why:

11. Airplanes will be way less boring

Since many airlines don't even offer peanuts anymore, the chances of them offering free movies are slim.

But now you can BYON (bring your own Netflix), so joke's on them.

10. It'll entertain your kids on long road trips

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You know, without having to bring along 15 DVDs.

9. Oh, and on regular car rides, too

Let's be serious—kids can be super annoying in the car. Entertainment means a long stretch of minutes of quiet time.

8. You don't need to pay for internet anymore

OK, this might be pushing it, but if you're on a budget and care deeply about Netflix, just go to a coffee shop and use the Wi-Fi.

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Download whatever show or movie you want to watch and boom. It's all yours.

7. Shopping with kids can be pleasant now

Too much screen time is obviously not great for kids, but a little screen time every now and then is perfectly fine. Especially if it allows you to do normal life things like grocery shop with your kids without them grabbing every item off of every shelf.

6. Sometimes your internet just isn't great

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So why deal with Netflix errors when you can just download whatever you want ahead of time and watch it whenever you want with no interruptions?

5. You can watch Netflix on work breaks

Oh, you're done eating lunch with 22 minutes to spare? Catch up on your latest TV obsession.

4. You can make the most of sitting in a waiting room

Doctors run late more often than not, so you might as well pass the time with Netflix.

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You should probably keep headphones on hand for dire situations like this.

3. You can look super busy while waiting for a friend to show up at a restaurant

Instead of ordering several drinks while waiting, watch Netflix! Or do both. Probably do both.

2. You can watch Netflix while sitting in traffic


Just kidding, you guys. Definitely don't do that.

You got that we were joking, right? Don't do that.

1. Netflix and chill can now happen literally anywhere

Netflix and chilling is no longer just for couches and beds. It's for all the places all the time.

Main image: Digital Spy