Recommended LCD Viewing Distance

When looking at an LCD television screen, you must find the optimum viewing range. Sitting too far or too close to the screen can mean not seeing the best picture. How large the screen is determines the ideal distance to sit from it.

Calculate the recommended LCD viewing distance for an optimum viewing experience.

Analog Signals

Although LCD screens can produce crisp and clear pictures for DVDs and high-definition television programs, they can also magnify the distortion from lower-quality analog signals, such as from basic cable or standard broadcast programming. Sitting too close to the screen can reveal these distortions.

Large Screens

Sitting too close to a large screen can cause you to see the pixel structure within the screen, which hinders the viewing experience. Sit far enough back from an LCD screen so you can see the highest-quality picture.


To calculate the optimum viewing distance for your LCD screen, multiply the screen size (the diagonal length in inches) by 1.5 and by 2.5. This gives you the optimum viewing range in inches. For example, a 42-inch screen has an optimum viewing range of 5.25 feet to 8.75 feet.