How to Recover Deleted Text Messages

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Recover Deleted Text Messages

If you want to find deleted text messages on a cell phone this article will guide you on how to do it. Even long after text messages have been deleted there is a way for you to recover them.


Step 1

The first step to recovering deleted text messages is to get the cell phone that you want to find the deleted text messages from. In order to do this you must physically have the cell phone in your possession.

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Step 2

The second step is to perform an internet search for "recover deleted text messages". There are many companies that will take the phone and recover deleted text messages for you, choose one of them from the search results.


Step 3

The third step to recovering deleted text messages is to give a date range that you want for the deleted text messages from. If someone sends a large number of text messages every month, and they own a phone for several years, there could be hundreds of thousands of deleted text messages on the phone. Specify a general date range that you want the deleted text message recovered. For example, if you want you partner's deleted text message from the summer specify that you want deleted text messages from May until September. Once you have done this send the cell phone to the company to have the messages retrieved.