Removing Pictures From an LG Cell Phone

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Removing Pictures From an LG Cell Phone

LG makes many cell phone models, but the basic menu is the same on most LG phones, so removing pictures is easy. To delete photos, press the "Menu" button to display the main menu with options including "Media center," "Pictures" and "Video." Using the navigational arrows, scroll to the media center.

Select Photos to Be Deleted

Highlight the "Pictures" icon. On most LG phones, the "Pictures" icon features a small image of a digital camera and strip of film. Choose this option to open the sub-menu by pressing "OK" on the main menu button. Scroll down to "My Albums" and open this folder. Depending on the location of the photos you wish to remove, in the "My Albums" folder select either "In Phone" or "Online Albums" for web-enabled cell phones. Choosing either option will display thumbnails of your photos. Use the left, right, up and down buttons to scroll through your photos and find the images to be erased. As you scroll through the pictures, a red frame will appear around each picture as it is highlighted. To select a single picture and erase it, press the upper-right selection button and a photo activity menu will appear. To select and erase multiple photos at once, use the "Menu OK" button to place a check mark next to each photo that will be deleted.

Remove Photos

When you are finished selecting photos to be erased, press the upper-right function button to display the "Picture" menu. Scroll down to "Delete" and then choose either "Delete Select" to remove individual images or "Delete All" to remove multiple photos at once. The same process is followed when deleting video clips from phones equipped with a digital video camera. Video clips are also stored in the "My Albums" folder and can be identified by a small icon of a video camera in the corner of each thumbnail.