Repair Tools for a Sony USB Flash Drive

USB mass storage devices are very useful for keeping important files with you on the go. Although these devices are generally very reliable, if you have corrupted data or a malfunctioning file system on the flash drive, they may behave unexpectedly or cease function altogether. Although these problems can seem frustrating, there are several software tools you can use to repair a malfunctioning Sony USB Flash drive.

Close up of usb flash drive, close-up
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Windows Error Checking

The Windows Error checker is a standard component of the Windows OS that can scan removable drives for errors that might cause data corruption. To run this error checker, connect your device to the computer and then open "My Computer," then select the drive from the "Removable Drives" list and right click it. From the sub-menu, select "Properties" and then select "Tools" from the new window that pops up. At the top of the window, you will see a button that says "Check Now" under "Error Checking." Windows will automatically scan and correct any errors affecting your drive's performance.

FlashMemory Toolkit

The FlashMemory Toolkit is a free program designed to diagnose and repair larger issues with your flash drive. This program will check for bad clusters and can also perform file recovery services. This program is available for free from the official FlashMemory Toolkit website. Once downloaded, you can launch the utility from the "Start" menu, and once you connect the flash drive to the computer, you can select the repair function you wish to use.

Drive Formatting Tool

The Drive Formatting Tool is another Windows standard tool that can be used if you are having issues with your USB drive. However, this is a last resort, as formatting your flash drive will get rid of all of its contents. If you decide to move forward with this tool, reconnect your flash drive, go to "My Computer" and right click on your Sony USB flash drive. Select "Format My Drive" to remove all of the errors from the device and erase all the content.