Router Settings for the DirecTV On Demand to Work

DirecTV On Demand lets you watch more than 7,000 TV shows and movies whenever you want without paying extra. The service does not require any special router settings. Your normal router settings are sufficient. However, it's a good idea to know your router's Service Set Identification (SSID) and password before connecting DirecTV to your home network. You may want to consider a few other things as well to ensure that your DirecTV On Demand works and connects to the Internet.

Internet router
Ethernet cable connects a network router to a DirecTV digital receiver.
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Connection Kit

To properly set up DirecTV On Demand on your router, digital receiver and TV, it is best to use a connection kit supplied by DirecTV. All the required materials are provided to get the added-value service working with the Internet. You can connect via the Ethernet port or forgo the cables and set up a wireless connection instead. The DirecTV Cinema Connection Kit must be ordered directly from DirecTV (

Professional Installation

If you are not confident that you can set up the router to work with the DirecTV On Demand service, you can opt for a professional installation. Call DirecTV customer service or navigate to the website to order a professional installation of the connection kit by a certified technician. Having a technician come out to your house costs an additional fee. However, before the technician leaves, he'll verify that everything is set up and working as it should.

How To

If you decide to install the connection kit yourself, connect the network router to the DirecTV digital receiver unit with the provided Ethernet cable. Turn on the television and press the "Menu" button on the DirecTV remote. Select the "Parental, Favs & Setup" option, then go to the "System Setup" and select "Network Setup." On the next screen, highlight the "Connect Now" button and press the "Select" button. The digital receiver automatically detects the Internet. Select the "Continue" button and select "Done" to finish setting up the connection.

Wireless Setup

Alternatively, you can go cordless and set up the DirecTV digital receiver to receive the router's wireless signal. The steps are the same as in the How To section, but after selecting the "Connect Now" option, you're presented with a Wireless Adapter Found screen. Highlight the "Set Up Now" option and press the remote's "Select" button. Use the up and down arrows to select the SSID, or name, of your home network. Select "Continue" from the right side of the screen, then select "OK" and type the network's password into the Security Key field. Select "Continue," then "Connect Now" and "Continue" again. Select "Done" to finish setting up the wireless connection.