Samsung Monitor Troubleshooting

Samsung's line of HD computer monitors allows a consumer to utilize the monitor's clean color and crisp picture for either computer use or old-fashioned channel surfing. Samsung also provides their customers with in-depth customer support through their official website, Many common problems, such as stuck pixels or excessive image retention, can either be easily fixed by following a few simple steps, or researched further at Samsung Customer Support.

Samsung offers detailed customer support for its line of computer monitors.

Stuck Pixels

On LCD monitors, a pixel that becomes "stuck" will not display the proper color at its position, showing up as either a bright or dark spot. It's generally unnoticeable and is usually an isolated incident, but it can be easily fixed by spreading out the LCD liquid on your monitor's screen. Keep your computer on while leaving your monitor off. Take a small, soft cloth and apply a small amount of pressure to the location of the stuck pixel. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can cause additional stuck pixels. Turn on your monitor while you are applying pressure to the screen, and then remove it after the picture has returned. This should spread out the LCD liquid and allow that pixel to correctly display color again.

Burnt Images

Sometimes, when a picture remains on a monitor's screen for long enough, the image will become "burnt" into the monitor, remaining after you've attempted to navigate away from whatever created that image. This can happen when people operate computers without using screen savers. If you have excessive image retention on your monitor's screen, turn it off and unplug the monitor for 48 hours to let the pixels fully reset themselves. Then, after turning your monitor back on, you should set your computer settings to start a screen saver or enter standby mode after 20 to 30 minutes of non-use.

Error Code 259

Error Code 259 is a common issue for many users of Samsung monitors. Customers receiving a 259 error have an improperly installed video card in their hard drive, a problem that normally just needs the drivers to be updated. Although it causes a monitor problem, you'll need to go through your video card manufacturer to download any missing drivers. After the proper video card drivers have been installed, the monitor should work fine.

Samsung Customer Support

Samsung allows customers to access detailed support and troubleshooting guides by simply providing some information about the make and model of your monitor. Navigate to using your browser, then click "Support" in the top margin. On this page, there will be two search options for the appropriate support page. Either enter your model number in the first field and click "Enter," or use the drop-down boxes under Option 2 to select your product type, subtype and model name. In the Product type drop-down box, select the "Monitors" under the subheading "Computers and Peripherals." Then select your monitor's subtype, such as professional, business or specialty, and then the model number from the available list. Entering this information and then selecting "OK" will bring you to the support page for your monitor's specific model. From here, you can use the links to find FAQs, how-to guides and troubleshooting guides to solve a variety of problems.