Sansa MP3 Player Instructions

While it’s probably better known for its memory cards, SanDisk also makes a line of MP3 players–known as Sansa. While it doesn’t have the name recognition of Apple’s iPod or Microsoft’s Zune, the Sansa comes in a number of different models to meet the needs of those who want to listen to music as well as those who want to watch videos.

Charging the Battery

Sansa MP3 players–including the Clip and the View–have a rechargeable battery built in, so you don’t have to fuss with replacing batteries. To charge the battery, start by plugging the small end of the supplied USB cable into the USB port on the player and the larger end of the cable into a USB port on your computer. On the View the USB port is located on the bottom of the player and on the Clip it is located on the left side, near the top of the player. When the battery indicator light on your player’s screen stops blinking, the player is fully charged.

Turning the Power On/Off

To turn the power on using either the Clip or View, slide the power button up. The power button on both is located on the left side of the player. To turn either player off, slide the power button up and hold it there until the screen turns off. Turning the Clip off will take about two seconds and turning the View off will take about 10 seconds.

Loading Music onto the Player

To load music onto the Clip, start by connecting it to your computer with the supplied USB cable. Open “My Computer” on your computer–your MP3 player will show up in the device list as a “portable music player.” Double click on that file to open it, where you will see a folder titled “Music.” Next, open your computer’s music file folder and click on the music you want to put on your MP3 player and drag them your MP3 player’s “Music” folder–this will copy music from your computer to your MP3 player. To add music to the View, connect the player to your computer. Open Windows Explorer on your computer and click on the Sansa icon in the window. Next, click on “internal memory” if you’re using Windows Media Player 11 or “media” if using Windows Media Player 10. Finally, open your computer’s music file folder, click on the music you want to transfer and drag it to your MP3 player to copy it.

Playing Music

To play music on the Clip, press the “select button” while on the main menu page of the player. The select button is the center button on the control panel on the front of the player. Use the directional buttons–located next to the select button–to scroll through artists, songs and albums to find the song you want. When you find what you’re looking for, press the select button. On the View, press the center button from the main menu to go to your music. Use the thumbwheel on the front of the player to scroll to the song, artist or album you’re looking for and press the center button to play it.