Signs Your Cell Phone Is Tapped

Cell phones today are used to communicate with anyone, anywhere and at any time. While cell phones can reach out to the world, they can also be used against the owner. Cell phones that can access the Internet have now become vulnerable to programs designed to turn the phone into a tool for spying.

Signs Your Cell Phone Is Tapped


Without turning the cell phone on, check the battery to see if it is hot. If it is and the phone has been powered down for a long while, this could mean that the phone is tapped.

Shutting Down

When shutting down the phone, issues such as a delay or refusal to shut off, or the back light remaining on for a time after being shut down, are signs that there is a tap on the phone.

Background Noise

When on a call, a tapped phone will often include background noises. This can be in the form of echoes, clicking or static.

Lighting Up

If the phone is not on a call or using another function and the back light comes on, an outside party could be accessing the cell phone.


Other electronic devices' functions may become distorted when in close proximity to the cell phone. This could be a sign there is additional hardware installed in the cellphone.

Solving the Problem

The most effective way to rid a phone of tapping software and devices is to bring it to your cell phone carrier. They will be able to do a full sweep to wipe the software off the phone or provide a new phone free of any tapping hardware.