Solitaire Card Games for Free

By Thomas Thayer

Computer versions of the classic solitaire card game have been around almost as long as the personal computer itself. Solitaire is a relatively simple game, allowing programmers to develop versions that will run on any computer with little concern for minimum hardware requirements. You can even play solitaire card games on some handheld game systems, cell phones and MP3 players. There are many free versions of the game available to anyone looking for some easy-to-learn entertainment.

You May Already Have It

If you’re reading this on a computer running Microsoft’s Windows operating system, there’s a good chance that you already have a free version of solitaire installed. Solitaire was first included with Windows 3.0 in 1990 and at least one version of the game has been included in each subsequent version of Windows. Some of the solitaire titles included in Windows over the years are "Klondike," "Freecell" and "Spider Solitaire". You won’t find anything fancy here, but each of them are quality games and completely free for Windows users.

Download Something New

If your computer operating system doesn’t already have solitaire games installed, or if you’re just looking for something new, there are many free solitaire games available to download and install on your PC or Mac. is one of the most popular and trusted sites for software downloads. Be aware that there is a mix of shareware and trial games, as well as completely free games, on, so read the description before downloading. Some of the most popular solitaire games available for download include “Free Spider Solitaire 2010,” “Free Solitaire 3D” and “Klondike Forever.”

Play Online

Many websites allow you to play solitaire online if you prefer not to download and install a new game. Some advantages of online versions include automatic software updates, nothing to install, and since the game is played in a web browser, you can play the same game on any PC or Mac. Solitaire Paradise, World of Solitaire, and Free Play Solitaire are a few of the popular websites where you can play online. Most online games are free, but supported by advertisements on the websites.

Play and Socialize

Thanks to the explosive popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, solitaire isn’t just a solo game anymore. In most cases, you’ll still be playing a single-player game of solitaire, but you’ll have the option of posting your high scores and accomplishments. This adds some excitement to the game as you challenge old friends and new acquaintances to beat your scores. When playing games on a social network, it’s often best to choose the applications with the most active players. Some of the more popular solitaire games currently available on Facebook include “Solitaire Heaven,” “Solitaire Harmony” and “Absolute Solitaire.” Just enter “solitaire” into the Facebook search bar to find these and other solitaire titles.