Sony Vaio System Recovery Instructions

By Ruri Ranbe

Sony VAIO computers have a hidden partition on the hard drive that stores VAIO Care, a diagnostic and repair tool. One option in VAIO Care is to recover the computer's default configuration. If a user or virus deletes important Windows 7 files, VAIO Care's recovery function recovers the computer to its original state. VAIO Care formats the contents of the hard drive as part of the recovery process, deleting all personal data from the machine. As a result, the VAIO Care recovery function should be used only as a last-ditch effort to save your computer.

Step 1

Turn on or restart the computer. Press "F10" at the boot screen to load VAIO Care. Press "Enter" if the "Edit Boot Options" screen appears. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select "VAIO Recovery Environment" if the "Windows Advanced Boot Options" appears on-screen and then press "Enter."

Step 2

Click "Tools" and then click "Start advanced recovery wizard." Click "Yes, I'd like to rescue my data."

Step 3

Connect a backup storage device to the computer, such as an external USB hard drive.

Step 4

Click "Easy rescue" to transfer all of the data on the computer's hard drive to the backup storage device. Click "Custom rescue" to select which files to transfer to the storage device.

Step 5

Select the backup device from the list of drives and then click "Next." Review the information on the summary screen to confirm it is correct and then click "Start rescue." Click "Next" when the message "Rescue has completed successfully" appears on the screen.

Step 6

Click "Factory condition" to restore the Sony VAIO to its factory defaults. Click "C: drive only" to restore the Sony VAIO to factory defaults without affecting files on any other partitions.

Step 7

Click "Next." The "Are you sure you want to start recovery?" screen appears, reminding you that all personal data will be permanently erased from the hard drive and the drive will be recovered to its original factory settings. Click "Start recovery" to begin the recovery process.

Step 8

Click "Restart" after VAIO Care finishes recovering the computer. Follow the on-screen instructions that appear after the computer restarts to set up the recovered system.